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"Industruction" out now !!! [12 Mar 2008|09:37pm]
The new Stin Scatzor mcd-3" is out since November 30th


Tracklist :

- The Bone-Collector
- That Bloody Wall
- Industruction
- Go To Hell
- Wet Dream (cover of an XP8-song)
- I Am The Underdog (remake by Sleepwalk)

There is no distribution for this mcd, so it's only available at Stin Scatzor-concerts !

Next concert :

05.04.08 - Elektroanschlag - Altenburg - Germany
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Remakes [10 Jun 2007|10:54pm]
Here a list from remakes Stin Scatzor did so far :

- "Wet Dream" - XP8 (released)
- "Watch Me Fall" - Drone 24-7 (released)
- "Crucifixion" - Liquid G. (released)
- "The Anaesthetic Effect" - Acylum (not released yet)
- "Face In The Mirror" - Wynardtage (released)
- "Backfire" - Animassacre (released) 
- "Infected" - Sonic Violence Experience (released) 

Working on following remakes :

- "Sweet Taste Of Technology" - Hynnner vs Hant1s3
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Myspace [12 Apr 2006|09:49pm]
Stin Scatzor can be found on Myspace and Facebook
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Industremakes [12 Feb 2005|09:58pm]
No more details yet but we are still working on the next release.

Following tracks are as good as finished :
- Hellgium
- Broken mirror
- Dressed in leather
- The one I trust
- I am the underdog
- That bloody wall

As soon as we know more details about this release we keep you informed. (1 or 2 cd's ?, Black Flames Records or not ? We don't know it either...)

Following groups have already delivered us their remake :
- Liquid G.
- Communication Zero
- Croc Shop
- XP8
- Hioctan
- HIV +
- Sleepwalk
- CTRLer
- Hynnner vs Hant1s3
- Cold Flesh Colony
- Drone 24-7
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Covers [20 May 2004|01:15am]
If we would make a cover-version, which song do we have to cover ? Give us some suggestions !
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Forum [25 Apr 2004|07:21pm]
from now on there's a forum on the Stin Scatzor-website. Have a look and put some posts or replies.
Login : stinscatzor55

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Remakes [28 Mar 2004|11:54am]
- "Watch me fall" for Drone 24-7 (released on "Fastforward and never rewind - the remixxx files, volume 1 - EP
- "Wet dream" for XP8 (released as XP8-track on Dark Demons, part 6 - free cd-sampler with Dark Entries-magazine)

In the pipeline :

- "Sweet taste of technology" for Hynnner vs Hant1s3
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Concerts [02 Feb 2004|04:35pm]
Concerts for the near future :
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Industremakes [28 Jan 2004|10:24pm]
For the next cd ("Industremakes") we have invited some groups to do their own remake of a Stin Scatzor-song. Here's the list of all invited groups and the song they will do : (above the dotted line = finished and received)

Liquid G. - I will die (2 versions)
Communication Zero : Morphine
Hioctan : Hellgium
Croc Shop : I will die
HIV+ - Blood (3 versions)
CTRLer : Still alive
Sleepwalk - I am the underdog (2 versions)
XP8 - Morphine
Drone 24-7 : Inside the machine
Cold Flesh Colony : It's unfair
Hynnner vs Hant1s3 : I will die
Frames a Second - Someone's memory
Obedience - No emotions
Dioxyde - Noise in my stomach
More Machine Than Man - I will die
Lescure 13 - It doesn't matter
Suicide Commando - Let me rot
Bakterielle Infektion - It's unfair
Legion Ultra : Burn that house down
animAdverto : Flowers
Diskonnekted : Vernix caseosa
Inertia : Dressed in leather
Wry Yelp : Guardian angel
Punish Yourself ! : The one I trust
Lamia : Industrogresssion
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The interactive part of Stin Scatzor's website [28 Jan 2004|09:07pm]

to make our website interactive, we want to use this item. Please, post your ideas, remarks,... here.



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